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In November, Presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, apologized for his support of the “Stop & Frisk” policy – which encouraged NYPD officers to temporarily detain and question random civilians.

While widely considered a major breach of civil rights, and disdained by many, in 2013, the policy was eventually found to be unconstitutional -- because it targeted people of color. In 2014, Bill de Blasio made the termination of the policy the focus on his mayoral campaign and, after his election, put an end to the practice.

However, a new report has been released that has noted a “dramatic surge” of the stop & frisk practice throughout the City, nearly a decade after the practice was purportedly ended. “The number of stop-and-frisks increased by 22 percent in 2019, jumping to 13,459 stops citywide from the historic 2018 of 11,008 the year before,” advises Patch.

Some believe we are regressing and that the promises made to minority communities have been broken. As per the latest stats, 90 percent of the NYC stop & frisks involved a person of color, with 65% of those stops not leading to an arrest or a summons.

“It is truly troubling that despite the clear finding that the City’s “Stop and Frisk” policy was unconstitutional, that such impermissible over-policing of minority communities still continues,” noted Professor Randolph McLaughlin, co-Chair of Newman Ferrara LLP’s Civil Rights Group. “It looks like another lawsuit will be required to end this discriminatory practice, once and for all.”

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