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Summer Wait Times Down Despite Busiest Summer in Years

Wait times at the security checkpoint are way down compared to last summer. So, what are we doing differently? Well, we're providing the most efficient security in the most effective way possible.

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All of our layers of security are still firmly in place. You would think all of the layers would slow things down, but we've become more efficient by changing the way we do business, and risk-based security programs like TSA Pre✓™ have a lot to do with that. TSA Pre✓™ is based on the understanding that the vast majority of people traveling pose little to no threat to aviation and therefore TSA can expedite their security screening process at the checkpoint.

Our goal is to get travelers through the line in 20 minutes or less. In most cases, it's far less than that!

Take a look at some wait time statistics from June through August:
  • TSA officers screened about 173 million people.
  • 99.6 percent of all passengers waited in line less than 20 minutes.
  • 99.98 percent of passengers in TSA Pre✓™ moved through the checkpoint in less than 10 minutes.
So, while things are moving faster, our vigilance remains the sameHave you applied for TSA Pre✓™ yet?

Bob Burns

TSA Blog Team