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Having first aired back in 1955, Channel 8 (WFLA-TV) is the longest serving television outlet in Florida’s Tampa Bay area. While this NBC affiliate primarily airs the network’s programming, it offers a local “lifestyle program,” called “Daytime,” which airs at 10 am, weekdays.
On Thursday, Joshua Morgan, who is the writer and director of the horror feature film, CHILDREN OF THE PINES, appeared on that program with Tim Zehnder, President of the Gasparilla International Film Festival, to mark the kick-off of that organization’s 17th annual event (later that evening).
Josh’s movie will be screening on Sat., March 23, 2024, at 9:30 PM, at AMC Westshore (Theatre 2), 210 Westshore Plaza, Tampa.
For ticket info, visit: https://vivenu.com/event/children-of-the-pines-yqgitk

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