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KINGSTON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL provides indie filmmakers a platform to showcase their work at some of London’s “big screens,” like the Odeon and Curzon.
From June 21-23, 2024, among the films screening will be THE FIRST TIME I NEVER MET YOU – a 14-minute drama/sci-fi short written and directed by Eric Kole.
In this movie, a grieving scientist travels back in time to the very day he first met his former partner. But will she fall in love with him, again? Of course, the movie touches “on themes of grief, love, and loss, but also takes a bold stance on one of the genre’s common paradoxes.”
Our thanks to KIFF for the selection, and kudos to the team for their great work here.  (Their Instagram tags follow.)

@Eric_Kole, @ReneeBailey, @OsyIkhile @Christina_Tam_Actor

Writer/Director: Eric Kole
Producers @ReineIssa, Eric Kole
EPs @LeeApsey, Kristy Price, @LucasAFerrara
APs @MeunierC, @FaridFouadIssa, Wee Sin Liam
DOP @Michael_Filocamo
Prod Design @Storm_Phoenix_Gray
Editor @Ellie.K.Johnson
Music @Joseph_AlexanderMusic
Sound Design: Cliff Reeves
VFX Prod @CheeYenArt
VFX Supvs: Ludo Fealy, Paul Branch
Prod Manager @Stephanie_Faucher
1st ADs @B.Plimley, @Ben.Wicks
Sound Record @PaulJEStuart
1AC @Hermes_Contreras_26
2ACs @DomingoSimon, @CBEMaddocks
Unit Photo: @ConnorDiffley
Unit Vid @Pike.Ben, @EmpireCinematic
Gaffers @Chasing.Frisson, @Frank_Hammond
Sparks @Willow_Bidwell, @LuisPinhao0
Wardrobe @MimiVStylist
HMU @MariaMonteiro.99
Art Direct @LaraMJensen
Props @RogueMikeFX, James Walker
Set Dress @Purple_Yam_Yellow_Van, @Russell_Adventures
Art Assist @Jack_knudson_
Blueprint @Dayashini
Stunts @Law_Action
Picture Driver @Ivan_Petsev
PA @_Daline_Ly
Loc Managers @BenS.linger, @Auguste_Vas
Loc Assist @Tom_Reynolds8
Equip Transport: Charles Meunier
Colourist @Overcrank_It
2D Leads @Jamie_Stitson, @HattMutch
2D Art @TomClapp93
3D Lead: Ivan Tomovic
3D Art @Elenas3D_Art
3D Jr Art: Miles Tomalin
FUI @LaraMJensen
​Please make time for THE FIRST TIME ….

More info here: https://www.kiffest.uk/

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