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The Central Florida Film Festival (CENFLO) – a non-profit organization which had its start back in 2006 — seeks “to entertain, educate and expose Florida residents and audiences to the cultural importance of independent film as an art.”
If you happen to be in the Mount Dora area — which is about 40 minutes from Orlando — this three-day event will be held at the Epic Theatre, [2300 Spring Harbor Blvd], beginning on January 19, 2024, and ending on the 21st. And we’re pleased to announce that Joshua Morgan’s new horror short, TAPIOCA, has been selected to screen at this year’s festivities.
In this story, two senior citizens — from opposite ends of the political spectrum — share a semi-private room in an assisted living facility and end up going to extreme lengths to protect the one thing they share a true love for ….
To learn more, visit: https://www.centralfloridafilmfestival.com/
We thank CENFLO for this honor, and extend our congratulations to the cast and crew:

Howard Elson- Ralph
Joe Harkins- Patrick
@Joshuamorganfilm- Vince
@Savsaffold- Carroll

Director, Writer, Producer: @Joshuamorganfilm
Producer: @lucasaferrara
1st AD: @Keyonte.Howard
Cinematographer: @Chris.T.Anthony
Editor: @_jaxphoto
Sound Design: @_jaxphoto
Music: @sunerosewagner
Colorist: @danielajroma
1st AC: @Kristensobnosky
Gaffer: @woke_films
Script Supervisor: @Kristen.d.anthony
Casting Director: @Savsaffold
Set Decorator: @collinaull
Production Designers: @blask.o @Joshuamorganfilm
Makeup: @Skybelluomini
Special Effects Makeup: @Jocelynxflynn
Sound Mixers: @julian.merrill Adam Green
Sound Utility: Micheal Rojas
Key grip: @_Jaxphoto
Grips: @matthewhoobin @haileystarspicer
Production Assistants: @skybelluomini @Owenfelton, @matthewhoobin @julian.merrill
I guess you could say, this movie is about pudding one’s best foot forward?

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