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Now in its 19th year, OMAHA FILM FESTIVAL affords “independent film artists a platform for sharing their work,” while celebrating “the artistic, educational, and historical importance of motion pictures.”
Voted one of MovieMaker Magazine’s “Top 50 Film Festivals,” this year’s weeklong event is currently underway. And screening on Saturday, March 2, 2024, at 12:30 PM, in the Aksarben Cinema, 2110 S 67th Street (Omaha), you’ll find DRAGONFLY — written and directed by Julia Morizawa.
This animated short film — inspired by the lives of Julia’s maternal grandparents and the stories her mom shared about growing up on the family farm in Japan — is based on the devastating impact of the Tokyo Firebombing of March 9-10, 1945. It compellingly addresses “the generational trauma of war, the power of family, and finding the strength to rise from the ashes.”
For additional info about the event, visit: http://omahafilmfestival.org/
You’ll find a direct link to Julia’s film here: https://off24.eventive.org/films/dragonfly-65b127552e2707004f4f3f0c
Our thanks to OFF for this honor, and congrats to our entire creative team. (Their Instagram tags follow.)


Written, produced, directed by @juliamorizawa
Animation Director @mmlinero @rolypolymotion
Lead Animator Eva Benitez
Sound Designer Giorgia Garcia-Moreno
Composer Aiko Fukushima
Voice cast @miyakodama @theerikaishii @darksamurai00 @jamestakuleung @kazumiaihara
Executive producers @mrbriansturges @jamesbabbin @jtnorcal @lucasaferrara @dkoltermanjp Christopher Luk
In association with @chimaerafilms @vcmediaorg

Don’t fly off on a tangent, come soar with our DRAGONFLY!

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