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JOSHUA MORGAN, a 20-year-old actor, writer, and director, has been immersed in the creative arts since the age of 12, actively working on professional films, both behind and in front of the camera. He recently announced the completion of his latest short film, TAPIOCA, which is currently competing in festivals around the world.
In this story, two senior citizens — from opposite ends of the political spectrum, who share a semi-private room in an assisted living facility — end up going to extreme lengths to protect the one thing they share a love for: pudding.
When asked what inspired him here, Josh noted, “I wanted to create a stylized, fun, and bizarre short with characters you don’t traditionally get to see in these types of films. The two older gentlemen are an exaggerated representation of people within my own family who are both passionate and fiery in regard to their own ideologies. It was my goal to see to what ends could I take this concept while still creating an entertaining experience.”
We extend our congratulations to our cast and crew for their making this offbeat film a reality.

Howard Elson- Ralph
Joe Harkins- Patrick
@Joshuamorganfilm- Vince
@Savsaffold- Carroll

Director, Writer, Producer: @Joshuamorganfilm
Producer: @lucasaferrara
1st AD: @Keyonte.Howard
DOP: @Chris.T.Anthony
Editor: @_jaxphoto
Sound Design: @_jaxphoto
Music: @sunerosewagner
Colorist: @danielajroma
1st AC: @Kristensobnosky
Gaffer: @woke_films
Script Supervisor: @Kristen.d.anthony
Casting Director: @Savsaffold
Set Decorator: @collinaull
Production Designers: @blask.o @Joshuamorganfilm
Makeup: @Skybelluomini
Special Effects Makeup: @Jocelynxflynn
Sound Mixers: @julian.merrill Adam Green
Sound Utility: Micheal Rojas
Key grip: @_Jaxphoto
Grips: @matthewhoobin @haileystarspicer
Production Assistants: @skybelluomini @Owenfelton, @matthewhoobin @julian.merrill
Ready to get to the root of some abject horror?
Try Joshua Morgan’s TAPIOCA.

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