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With a mission to “grow and develop the media industry in Southern Kentucky,” SKY ARTS FILM FESTIVAL affords “filmmakers, media professionals, content creators, movie goers, students, and teachers the opportunity to learn and experience an unforgettable event centered around the art of film making."
To that end, from September 22-24, 2023, this year’s array of projects includes MANUFACTURED LUCK, a short film written and directed by Kevin Keck, an East Tennessee-based creative, who set out to “blend traditional Appalachian storytelling with film.”
In this story, we’re introduced to a young girl’s grandad, who has an affinity for contests, church raffles, and all things sweepstakes. And we follow the exploits of “two introverts from vastly different generations trying to bond.” They eventually align when the elder decides to make it his mission to win the grandkid the bicycle of her dreams. It’s an inspirational message about love and family.
For addition information, please visit: https://skyartsfilmfestival.com/
We extend our sincerest thanks to everyone at SKY ARTS, and congratulate our talented team of creatives on yet another esteemed selection.

@peteman.7 - Jim, Peter Aylward
Ash, Azra Basile
@ameliabartlett - Lilly, Amelia Bartlett (Best Supporting Actress, Cobb International Film Fest)

@b_evans24 - Producer, Brandon Evans
@tyleroxendine - Producer, Tyler Oxendine
@kevinckeck - Director, Kevin Keck
@_adamchapman - Director of Photography, Adam Chapman
@carrieferrelli - Production Design, Carrie Ferrelli
chelseyspaige - Costume Design, Chelsey Paige
@thatvintagedarling - Editor, Breeana Kovelman
@yeemeister, @truepeaksound - Sound Design, Shaun Yee and True Peak Soundworks
@robertmai107 - Composer, Robert Mai
@drnewport - 1st Ass’t Director, Hampton Newport
You try manufacturing that!


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