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If you live in Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Panama, or the U.S.A, we have some FREE MAKEUP for you!
Our award-winning, indie feature film -- written and directed by Hugo Andre, and starring Andre with Will Masheter -- is now available on TUBI, “the most watched free TV and movie streaming service in the U.S.”
In this story, an introverted French ex-chef, (Andre), moves to London to begin a new life as a food critic. After renting a room in a house owned by an established stockbroker, (Masheter), a friendship is formed … and secrets are revealed.
If you don’t live in any of the listed countries, you can use a VPN or can access the film via all the other major streaming services — like Amazon, Apple and YouTube Movies. For links to those platforms, click here: https://linktr.ee/makeupfilm
Special thanks to our friend, Arielle Scarcella -- an American digital content creator who speaks out on issues related to LGBT culture, politics, women's issues and "controversial" topics -- for graciously promoting our MAKEUP on her YouTube channel. You can catch her popular program, with over 750,000 subscribers, here: https://youtu.be/2BATse9AO50?si=4_E_lBm40qNHW69m

Director: Hugo Andre
Written by: Hugo Andre & Will Masheter
APs: Will Masheter, Stuart Wolfe-Murray, Kelley Daniel, Hugo Andre
DOP: Dylan Vivian
1AC: Flo Goodlad-Skinner
2AC: Teddy Skinner
Sound: Atom Inions Morton
Music: Archie Jennings
H&MU: Georgia English, Alesia Baiocco
Cast: Hugo Andre, Will Masheter, Kent Goldfinch, Zak Watson Smith, Adam Starkey, Lloyd Mundell, Julia Anwuli Sydenham, Stuart Wolfe-Murray, Maria Lidze, Pete lnskip, Adele Marie, Charlie Baker, Ezekiel Martin, Lawrence Visconti, Louis Circe, Edward Saunders, Jorge Field, Daisy Hirst, Shaelyn Newmarch, Guillaume Trouson, Dorian Semencic.

We could all use a little MAKEUP right about now ….


To learn more about MAKEUP and Lucas's other projects, visit: https://linktr.ee/lucasaferrara


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