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Insurer Treated Black Homeowners Differently

Jacqueline Huskey filed an action in an Illinois federal court against State Farm Fire & Casualty Company (“State Farm”) alleging that the latter engaged in discriminatory practices which were violative of the Fair Housing Act.

Among other things, Huskey asserts that a survey released by “YouGov” establishes that State Farm subjected Black homeowners to disparate treatment when it came to insurance claim submissions and the adjudication process. (Complaint, paragraph 20)

The pleadings details disparities between Black and white homeowners when it came to “1) the time it took for claims to be paid out …. 2) the supplemental paperwork required ….; and 3) the number of interactions claimants had with State Farm employees prior to having their claims paid out.” (Complaint, paragraph 21)

By way of example, only 46% of white policyholders were asked to provide additional claim information, while 64% of Black policyholders were required to do so. (Complaint, paragraph 23)

51% of white policyholders had their claims resolved within one-to-three interactions, compared to 42% of Black customers. (Complaint, paragraph 24)

Other transgressions are also listed in the complaint.

On behalf of herself and consumers in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio and/or Wisconsin, Huskey ultimately seeks injunctive relief (ending State Farm’s discriminatory practices), together with an award of actual damages, attorneys’ fees, and costs.

Think State Farm has this covered?

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Huskey v. State Farm ~ Complaint