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Lawsuit gets Perdue squawking

Roger Parker, on behalf of himself and other chicken farmers, filed a proposed class action in a Georgia federal court back in July of last year, alleging that Perdue Farms and Perdue Foods (collectively “Perdue,” or “companies”) violated state and federal laws, and “misclassified” growers as “independent contractors.” (Complaint, paragraph 1.)

As “employees,” Parker claims he and others are entitled to federal and stage wages and benefits which the companies are alleged to have wrongfully denied. Apparently, the basis of the case is that Perdue’s requirements are so “restrictive” that they basically “dictate nearly every aspect of how [farmers] run their farms.” (Id.)

Characterizing himself and other as “controlled employees,” Parker seeks to maintain a nationwide class which would include those “who worked as boiler chicken growers for Perdue … any time between July 21, 2016 and the present.” (Complaint, paragraph 101.)

Ultimately, Parker hopes to recover compensatory damages, restitution, punitive damages, legal fees, and costs, together with a judicial declaration as to the parties’ rights and responsibilities.

In September of last year, Perdue moved to dismiss the complaint, and while Judge Tilman E. Self, III, granted that request in part, the bulk of Parker’s claims were allowed to survive because the pleading met the governing legal standards when it came to a review triggered by such a motion

Think Perdue’s got egg on its face?

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Parker v. Perdue ~ Complaint

Parker v. Perdue ~ Order on Motion to Dismiss