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Watch Your Speed 24/7

As of August 1st, 2022, New York City’s speed cameras are now operating “24/7/365,” thanks to a June 24th amendment of state law. The bill was sponsored by Assembly Member Deborah Glick, and State Senator Andrew Gounardes, and signed into law by Governor Kathy Hochul in July.

The city operates over 2,000 speed cameras in 750 different zones. Vehicles exceeding the posted speed limit by over 10 MPH will receive a violation and $50 fine mailed to the vehicle’s registered owner. (Since this automated enforcement program started back in 2014, violations have decreased nearly 72 percent.)

Surprisingly, on a national basis, traffic fatalities have increased since the start of the pandemic. And, of all the modes of transportation, motor vehicles cause the most fatalities, particularly overnight and on weekends.

Mayor Eric Adams, Department of Transportation Commissioner Rodriguez, City Council Majority Leader Keith Powers, and State Senator Robert Jackson are all pleased with this new law, as they believe it will keep people safe. As the Mayor recently noted:

"Traffic safety is public safety, and today marks the start of a new chapter for traffic safety in our city .... This is a promise made and promise kept: Together with Deputy Mayor Joshi, Commissioner Rodriguez, and advocates, we fought to get this done in Albany. We must ensure that everyone can share the street space safely, and 24/7 speed cameras will protect our city and save lives."

To inform the public of this development, the Department of Transportation committed $500,000 to paid media efforts which includes community outreach via a social media campaign and the release of flyers in some eleven languages.


NYC Press Release: Mayor Adams "Flips the Switch," Turns on Speed Cameras 24/7