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In BIBIMBAP FOR ONE — a short film written by Daniel Kaszas and directed by Ella Greenwood — our protagonist is overwhelmed with grief (over the loss of her mother) and is contemplating suicide. Will a chance encounter change the course of her life?
If you’d like to find out, we’re pleased to announce that the project will be screening at LITTLE WING FILM FESTIVAL, which will be offering on-line presentations, and in-person events at several London venues, from October 5 – 9, 2022.
Formed in response to a “film industry that felt increasingly out of reach and out of touch for most young creatives,” LITTLE WING is now part of the “UK's grassroots film infrastructure — platforming new talent, engaging new audiences, and creating ecosystems of support for a new generation of creatives.”
For additional information, please visit: https://www.littlewingevents.com/
Our thanks to the festival’s organizers for this honor, and to the cast and crew for their respective contributions.   (Their Instagram tags follow.)
Made for the @lucasaferrara Film Fund by @brokenflamespd
@ioannakimbook & Alexander James Simon
Director - @popsella
Writer - @daniel.kaszas.97
Producer - @lucasaferrara
Ass’t Producer - @maya_bod
DOP- @xeniaxpatricia
Editor - @editor_emmalie
Composer - @gabyamblercomposer
Sound - @_inesadriana_
Casting - @frankie_fearis12
Makeup - morganemakeup11
Costume - @tegantime
Prod Design - Junting Yang
1AD - @esmeehuguenin
1AC - @oscarharrisonfilm
2AC - @nizahaha
Sound Recordist - @rufusambler
Gaffer - @zetaspy
Spark - Wenxuan Xu
BTS photos - @ines_hachou
With thanks to @focus24hire @leanneladbury
Come bop to Bibimbap!



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