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BIBIMBAP FOR ONE, a short film written by Daniel Kaszas and directed by Ella Greenwood, a 2021 Forbes “30 Under 30” Honoree, will be screening at the SAN JOSE INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, from October 6 - 9, 2022, at Cinemark’s CineArts Theatre in Santana Row, a premier Silicon Valley shopping and dining destination.

Founded by two local entrepreneurs, Bill Hargreaves and Sinohui Hinojosa seek to connect “brilliant short form filmmaking to appreciative audiences in San Jose.” And, because of their unwavering dedication and efforts over the last 14 years, SJISFF has grown from a single screening to a four-day event featuring over 100 films.

In BIBIMBAP, our protagonist struggles with grief as she mourns her mother’s loss. Will she succumb to depression, or will a chance encounter be the catalyst for change? To find out, visit: https://www.sjsff.com/

Our thanks to everyone at SJISFF for this honor, and to the entire BIBIMBAP team for making this achievement possible. (Their Instagram tags follow.)

Made for the @lucasaferrara Film Fund by @brokenflamespd
@ioannakimbook & Alexander James Simon
Director - @popsella
Writer - @daniel.kaszas.97
Producer - @lucasaferrara
Ass’t Producer - @maya_bod
DOP- @xeniaxpatricia
Editor - @editor_emmalie
Composer - @gabyamblercomposer
Sound - @_inesadriana_
Casting - @frankie_fearis12
Makeup - morganemakeup11
Costume - @tegantime
Prod Design - Junting Yang
1AD - @esmeehuguenin
1AC - @oscarharrisonfilm
2AC - @nizahaha
Sound Recordist - @rufusambler
Gaffer - @zetaspy
Spark - Wenxuan Xu
BTS photos - @ines_hachou
With thanks to @focus24hire @leanneladbury

"Find some peace of mind at San Jose ...."


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