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In FIND THE LIGHT — a short film written and directed by Forbes "30 Under 30" Honoree,  ABDULLAH KHAN, and starring the incomparable GEORGE MACKAY, CRAIG MCGINLAY & JAYSOL DOY — a victimized boy struggles with thoughts of self-harm. Will he succumb to his depression or find a new life-purpose?
To find out, join us at San Diego International Film Festival, October 19-23, 2022. A premier showcase for independent filmmakers, its mission is to foster dialog and “to develop empathy and understanding in an increasingly diverse and complex world.”
For more information, visit: https://sdfilmfest.com/
Our thanks to SDIFF, and the entire FTL team, for this great honor.  (Their Instagram tags follow.)
Written, produced & directed by: @abs1999k @rosebudfilmsuk
in association with @lucasaferrara
EP: @cameronkroghstone
AP: @motionhead
Starring: #georgemackay @jaysoldoy @rhys_mcgowan3 @craigmcginlay @seemabowri @amerjitdeu @keenanmunn @spencerallum1997 @_harryjmiller_ @fin.vl @bengonzalesmt @sarahlilymua @lukanotwithac @_kyletaylor06_ @justjuwayriyya
Prod. Design: @miko_y_wasowski
Costume Design: @hollycauser
DOP: @arrangreen
Hair & MU: @syfermakeup
Prep: @_sophiagm
Location Mgr: @marialuztremsal
Edit: Ruda Santos @carlyevabrown
Sound Design/Re-Record: @tonemanufacture
Music: @hollieboohiya
Colourist: @fszulc_colour @nomadeditco
Visual EFX: @harrybinstead
Storyboard: @lottie_b__
1st AD: @matteostrobelt @top_tarasin
Crowd AD: @joshsales4
Script Supv: @merrynrae
Prod. Mgr: @srjeram
Set Dresser: @adamjameshowe
Trinity: @james.poole___
Underwater Op: @zacmacaulay
Focus: @sphynxfilms_
Gaffers: Federico Belloli @shotbymather
Spark: @mackenziestretch
2nd ACs: James Tilyard, Osman Tekdemir
Camera Package: @arri @arri_rental
Casting: @sydneyamee @camillaarthurcasting
Casting Assts: @carmenflowerg Els Housley
Prod. Assts: @kaiyanlalai @davidkemiki @jrosehatton
Trainees: James Hathwaite @ella_mcbrien @eloisegreenacre @conniejenkinsgrieg
Trailer: @filipparulski
See you in America’s Finest City!

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