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Trapped in a room he cannot escape, and stuck in a loop that will not end, Lucas is being hunted by something, or someone, unknown ....

While ROOM is a psychological thriller, at its core, the film is a metaphor for self-destructive habits, eternity, and the karmic cycle. Particularly after the global lock-down, the heightened feelings of isolation, confinement, and paranoia experienced by our main character, resonated with audiences across the globe, as the many accolades attest.

Included among the honors the project has received, are:

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY – Independent Horror Movie Awards

BEST ORIGINAL CONCEPT – Independent Horror Movie Awards


BEST STUDENT FILM - Auber International Film Festival

BEST FOREIGN FILM - Heart International Film Festival

BEST PRODUCER - Port Blair International Film Festival

BEST PRODUCER - World Film Carnival Singapore

BEST STUDENT FILM - Bloodstained Indie Film Festival

BEST SHORT FICTION FILM - Feel The Reel International Film Festival

BEST PRODUCTION - Lacorne International Film Festival

And now, you can watch this award-winning movie, FOR FREE, by clicking here: ROOM ON YOUTUBE!

Congratulations to our star, River Owsley-Brown, and to the crew for their stellar efforts here.

Starring: River Owsley-Brown
Written & Directed by: Jacob Bellmore @yakobbell
Produced: Cleo Yeomans @cleoyeomans.tv
DOP: Will Marchant @will.marchant
Music: Jacob Bellmore
EPs: Lucas A. Ferrara & Marcus Bradford
Set Design: Hannah Bradley @disguisedasan_artist
Set Build: Sam McCabe
1st AD: Rachel Flather @rachflather
Camera Assis’t: Adam Pemberton @pres.adam_pemberton
Sound Record: Jordan Crewdson @jordan_crewdson
Colourist: Clive Bellmore @clivebellmore
VFX: Nathan Crosby
Music Mix & Master: Martin Kano
Sound Design: Jacob Bellmore
Poster: Laszlo Balogh
Concept Art: Freya Bracey @freyab_art

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