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Some 500,000 years ago, domestic pigs are believed to have descended from wild boars, which are about 21.6 - 39.3 in (55 - 100 cm) tall, weigh around 176 - 386 lb (80 - 175 kg), and live about a decade or so. They are known to be extremely aggressive. (Last year, Pop superstar “Shakira” was attacked by two of these animals, while walking along a Barcelona park with her kid.)

When Nathan Hannawin approached me about WILD BOARS, I was relieved the film wasn’t about feral pigs. But, rather, family dysfunction. In this story, an estranged daughter seeks to claim what was left to her in her mother’s will. But to secure her inheritance, she’s forced to return to the family home and face her foster father, the man she escaped from and who harbours many dark secrets.

While the project is now competing in festivals across the globe, the team has just released a trailer which will give you some insight into this compelling film. My thanks to the cast and crew for their truly outstanding work here.  (Their Instagram tags follow.)





Olivia Carmichael


Director -- @nathanhannawin

EP – yours truly

Producer -- @nythinking

AP -- @fearbailey

Writer -- @vertigoprint

DOP -- @beatriz.delgado.dop

Prod Design -- @little.man.big.voice

AD -- @andrea_ratti

Cost Design -- @karmjitkalla_costume_designer

Hair & Make Up -- @aldissetiadi

Gaffer -- @richardgrscottfilm

1st AC -- @henrykeep_camera_crew

2nd AC - @carolinamcostaac

Lighting Techs -- @ryanflood_film, Ross Lasme, @haydencfjones

Lighting Trainee -- @brettlcohen

Steadicam -- @steadi_balls

Still Photog -- @julia_laird

Color -- @chris.shaw.color

Script Supervisor -- @joenurding

Covid Marshall -- @gwnnc

A Art D -- @ericalharding. Sam Hayes

Catering -- @captainjoshhughes @villagecooks

PA -- @apedrasik, @taviehutch_96, @imogen_scawen

PR -- Benjamin Atkinson, @rob_loud

Sound Record -- Blai Escayola Bosch

Sound Design -- Carina Qiu

Composers -- Carina Qiu, Jemma Love

Kit Hire @indiefilmhire, @promotionhire

I guess you can say, this film is pig-ture perfect!

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