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As they head to a desert camping site, Bridget rummages through Aaron’s binder and inadvertently finds a note where all of the latter’s friends are numerically ranked. Of course, they all end up taking umbrage with their respective placements on that list, and pandemonium ensues, as accusations are exchanged, and secrets are revealed.

That's the idea behind “A Definitive Ranking of My Closest Friends,” a new 19-minute “dark comedy,” written by Jay Stalder and directed by Lana Dvorak. When asked what attracted her to the project, Lana observed, “I love this film because it exposes a reality we all exist in: shit is messy. If it isn’t now, it’s going to get messy, and what will happen then? We can choose to throw it all away, or we can move forward with the broken pieces.”

Jay Stalder added, “I've been hearing lines of dialogue from this script in my head for the last year and a half …. I'm inspired by my relationships with my friends, and their relationships with each other …. This story is personal, and it's ridiculous.”

Far from ridiculous, this short is a serious look at self-obsession, selfishness, co-dependency, and fear of abandonment.


Jay Stalder

Kara Overlien

Joshua Smith

Matt Pasini

Matthew Luyber

Kelly Krauter


Director: Lana Dvorak

EPs: Chris & Shannon Prynoski + Yours truly

Producers: Jay Stalder, Kara Overlien, Lana Dvorak, Mackenzie Johnston + Matthew Luyber

DOP: Adam Gundersheimer

Editor: Derek Johnson

Ass’t Director: Mackenzie Johnston

Ass’t Camera: Arpy Sarkissian

Sound: Tyler Lydell

Sound Mix: David Beck

Production Ass’ts: Jacob Scott, Ben Lapidus + John Colgan

Coloring: Tam Le

Score: Jacob Scott

Credit Song: “Break” by Party Nails

Poster: Jacob Scott

Currently competing in festivals across the globe, the team was kind enough to allow me to share this trailer with you. I’m sure you’ll agree, “Definitive Ranking …” ranks high.

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