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Let’s be real. Cauliflower is tasteless. Yet, since 2008, it’s become all the rage. Food experts attribute its rise to enhanced awareness about gluten sensitivity, and the need for many to live on gluten-free diets. That then increased demand for food products that could be readily converted into a “pasta,” “rice,” and even a “steak” … and cauliflower fit the bill; offering food preparers that versatility.
A “cruciferous vegetable,” it’s a member of the “Brassica oleracea” family – which includes arugula, bok choy, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, kale, and radishes. Considered a good source of fiber, these veggies are high in vitamins, (C, E, & K), folate, and offer an array of nutrients and minerals. It’s also so beneficial that the National Institute of Health advises that the daily consumption of these greens may help prevent some diseases, including certain types of cancers.
Given its health benefits, when we saw “Roasted Cauliflower – lemon tahini, pine nuts and golden raisins $9) – on the happy hour menu, at CORVINA SEAFOOD GRILL, (a new place at 110 Plaza Real South (downtown Boca Raton, Florida)), we thought we’d give the dish a whirl. But can you imagine our disappointment when this little plate with a handful of florets appeared? (For $9 we could have purchased at least two whole heads of this stuff. So, we immediately found the serving size to be a big letdown given the price point.)
And taste-wise it fared no better. While purportedly roasted, it had an oily (almost fried-like) look, taste, and consistency which we did not enjoy. We also thought the accompanying tahini (which usually tastes a bit like peanut butter), was a bit too bitter. Given those failings, we rated this dish an “F.”
Was it catastrophic cauliflower? Let’s just say, we certainly weren’t floret by it.

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