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HEART FAILURE, an EDM musical written, directed, and edited by Will Wightman, has been described as an “honest and funny look at the realities of millennial dating.”

Will recently sat with VIEWTIES – a UK-based e-magazine founded by Vanesa Miraglia – to discuss the challenges of filming the piece during the pandemic’s height. An edited excerpt of that exclusive interview follows:

“V: [D]id you struggle with a specific song .. or a scene while shooting [the short]….?

WILL: The sex scene was incredibly difficult. We shot this film while the pandemic was still raging so everything had to be socially distanced. Believe it or not we actually shot that scene with a mannequin; our two actors were never in the room at the same time! It was easily the weirdest shooting experience of my life. I spent months planning it to make it look believable. Then on the day, none of it worked and I had to rebuild the scene from scratch. Despite the challenges, I actually think shooting the scene in that way actually gave it a real awkwardness that made it way funnier than if we’d shot more traditionally.

V: Was your initial idea to deconstruct the thought of heartbreak to turn it into a necessary process and inspire people to move on with it?

WILL: The idea really just came from trying to reinvent the musical. I’ve always thought there was so much more potential in the genre than just jazz hands and show tunes. I’ve loved electronic dance music all my life, so that felt like the obvious combination to me. Then I got my heart broken, which was just wonderful inspiration. There’s nothing more authentic that writing what you know!”

Well, I know you’re going to enjoy reading more about Will, by clicking here: https://viewties.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/WILL-WIGHTMAN-ISSUE.pdf, or here: INTERVIEW WITH WILL WIGHTMAN

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