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If you happen to be a conspiracy theorist, then you’re going to love CONTROL/CHOAS, a new “dark thriller” written by Ryan Noire, and directed by Lucy Allwood. In this story, a metropolitan area is impacted by a catastrophic event which has left many dead and injured. As its citizens struggle to uncover the tragedy’s cause, there are suspicions that the occurrence wasn’t accidental; that the chaos may have been orchestrated.
While I’m not at liberty to share any more details, let’s just say this film will enthrall you. And to help whet your appetite, the team has allowed me to share this recently released trailer with you.
Special thanks to the cast and crew for their masterful work here.  (Their Instagram tags follow)
Director: Lucy Allwood @lucyallwood
Producers: Chris Peppitt @chris_peppitt Ryan Noire @ryan.noire Lucas A Ferrara @lucasaferrara Angie Stanger-Leathers
Writer: Ryan Noire @ryan.noire
EPs: Andrew Miller @weddingphots Ceri-Anne Cook @ceri_anne12 Roy Restell @roy_restell Jon Ian Dredge: @jonnydredge09
DOP: Andy Qualtrough @andyqualtrough
1 AD: Matt Fowler @mattfowlercreative
2 AD: Lara Smith @lara_smithmedia
Composer: Alex Lewis @alexmasnyklewis
Editor: Liam Ward @liamcward_meow
Co-Producer: Shaun Gregson @shaun.gregson
Control: Amy Burton-Smith @amyburtonsmith_actress
Chaos: Ryan Noire @ryan.noire
Driver: Paul Kwey @paul.dkwey
Aide: Alice Stevenson @alicewonderrland
Reporter: Leila Kotori @leilakotori
Macbeth: Simon Alison @simonalison
Lady Macbeth: Sarah Catherine Kelly @sarzkelly
Jude: Daryl Smith-Wightman @smithwightmanofficial
Lilly: Abigail Louise @littlemiss.daydream
Daniel: James Care @jameslawrence24601
Samara: Zoila Garman @zoilagarman
Agent White: Jade Callender @jbabes93
Agent Wight: Luke Walker @luciferonlytripped
Camera Man: Timmy Hodgson @timmy.hodgson
Detective: Timothy Hanrahan @timothy_hanrahan_actor
Radio: Dan Charles @imdancharles
Cain: Adam Martyn Ewings @adam_martyn_ewings
Prepare to be controlled!


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