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What happens when two clueless food-delivery guys encounter a dead body? (Let’s just say, a heck of a lot!)
In DOUBLE BONDSMEN – a new “dark comedy” written and directed by Chandler Ryd – “deadbeat twin brothers” aspire to become bounty hunters. Now, according to Chandler, “Their dream is bonkers. Not because it's impossible to become bounty hunters, but because it's impossible for them to become bounty hunters. Our protagonists have the wrong idea of what it means to be a bounty hunter. They've saturated their minds in the world of police procedurals, TV true crime, and a self-help book written by a faux-Chuck Norris type charlatan, so their vision of the job is skewed from the start—not to mention that they don't any of the right skills for the job.”
It's a hilarious thrill ride, filled with unexpected twists and turns that’s sure to enthrall audiences. And to that end, we’re honored that the short was selected to screen at CINEQUEST FILM FESTIVAL – voted “Best Film Festival” by USA Today readers. More information here: https://www.cinequest.org/ or @cinequestorg (link in bio).
Our thanks to CINEQUEST and congratulations to the entire team!
Writer/Director: @chandlerryd
Production Co: @distantmoonhq
DOP: @ianareid
Producer: @theliebhauser
EPs: @lucasaferrara, Zac Crippen, Sally Crippen, @ianreid
APs: @mattschlientz @slavcelt
Prod Mangr: @varley.alana
Gaffer/1ST AC: @brandondetraglia
1st AC: brandonhabuda
Sound Mix/ Design IG: @jdeastman410
Steadicam: @mylesshank
Editors: @chandlerryd @ianareid @jdeastman410
Composer: @ryanmoorecomposer
Art Dept Assist: @ajojogage
Special Effects MUA: @mediamakeup4u
PAs: @maddwade @han.cantrell @andrewchinguyen
Brett: @jacobzukowski
Rhett: @joshuazukowski
Not Josh: @danielhofficial
Cops: @derekdlarthey @coltromberger and @varley.alana
Detective: @maggz.alexander
Better watch it! Or we’ll be forced to make a citizen’s arrest!


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