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FIND THE LIGHT, written and directed by Abdullah Khan, had its world premiere at Manchester Film Festival, ( @maniffofficial), on March 16, 2022.
This special film stars GEORGE MACKAY, CRAIG MCGINLAY, RHYS STONE, SEEMA BOWRI, AMERJIT DEU, and introduces, (then) 16-year-old, JAYSOL DOL.
The story follows a victimized boy who decides to confront his inner demons by drowning himself, and during the process finds purpose and meaning.
In an interview which played at the opening of the festivities, Abdullah and George chat with Festival Director, Neil Jeram-Croft, about the project. (The short’s underlying inspiration and origins are quite enlightening.)
Of course, a congratulatory shout-out to the entire cast and crew is most certainly in order. (Their IG tags follow.)
Written, produced & directed by: @abs1999k @akhanproductions
in association with: Yours truly
EP: @cameronkroghstone
AP: @motionhead
Starring: #georgemackay @jaysoldoy @rhys_mcgowan3 @craigmcginlay @seemabowri @amerjitdeu @keenanmunn @spencerallum1997 @_harryjmiller_ @fin.vl @bengonzalesmt @sarahlilymua @lukanotwithac @_kyletaylor06_ @justjuwayriyya
Prod Design: @miko_y_wasowski
Costume: @hollycauser
DOP: @arrangreen
H&MU: @syfermakeup
Prep: @_sophiagm
Locations: @marialuztremsal
Editing: Ruda Santos, @carlyevabrown
Sound/Re-Record: @tonemanufacture
Music: @hollieboohiya
Color: @fszulc_colour @nomadeditco
Visual Effects: @harrybinstead
Storyboard: @lottie_b__
1st AD: @matteostrobelt @top_tarasin
Crowd AD: @joshsales4
Script Super: @merrynrae
Prod Manager: @srjeram
Set Dresser: @adamjameshowe
Trinity: @james.poole___
Underwater Op: @zacmacaulay
Focus Puller: @sphynxfilms_
Gaffers: Federico Belloli, @shotbymather
Spark: @mackenziestretch
2nd ACs: James Tilyard, Osman Tekdemir
Camera: @arri @arri_rental
Casting: @sydneyamee @camillaarthurcasting
Casting Assists: @carmenflowerg, Els Housley
Prod Assists: @kaiyanlalai @davidkemiki @jrosehatton
Trainees: James Hathwaite, @ella_mcbrien @eloisegreenacre @conniejenkinsgrieg
Trailer: @filipparulski

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