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Lost in the drudgery of their day-to-day existence, Pete and Susan's lives are suddenly disrupted, when a mysterious young boy named Don, played by Jonah Paull, unexpectedly appears on their doorstep.

As they engage in conversation, the youngster claims to come from a place where there is no suffering; a world that is not "fallen." But are these the musings of a delusional child, or is there something "more" to his claims?

Written and directed by Matthew Todd, of Glasgow, Scotland, this short stars (in alphabetical order): Pilar Amores (Susan), Scarlett Archer (Young Susan), Paul Baichoo (Pete), Rafe Mitch (Young Pete), Jonah Paull (Don), and Matthew Todd (Enoch).

While the film is now competing in festivals throughout the globe, and is not currently available for public viewing, Matthew recently released this trailer -- which offers a pretty good glimpse into the world of "FALLEN."

* * *

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