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Are you a baby killer?

That’s the question I get from my vegan and vegetarian friends who don’t approve of others eating meat, particularly veal. Well, at the risk of pissing them off, here’s a review of the “Veal Parmesan ($69)” at Carbone Miami located on 49 Collins Avenue, in Miami Beach.

Inspired by traditional southern Italian cuisine, this dish usually consists of a veal cutlet coated with breadcrumbs and cheese. Though called “Parmesan,” you’ll often find mozzarella, or other type of cheese product used. And, traditionally, it’s served with a tomato sauce.

Now according to the American Veal Association (AVA), the consumption of young calves is referenced in the Bible and harkens back to the days when a “fatted calf” was highly valued. Ancient Romans loved the preparation and are believed to have caused its spread throughout early European culture. The AVA’s website notes that, “Veal farming spread from Europe to the United States more than 100 years ago. Raising veal is closely aligned to dairy farming. While female calves, or heifers, are kept by dairies to produce milk, the male calves are raised for veal or beef.”

To be totally frank, given the high price tag, I was extremely hesitant to order this dish, but got outvoted. When it finally arrived table-side, the server (without warning) began slicing up the cutlet with a pizza cutter. Now, some found that a little off-putting. Others were concerned about the apparent dryness of the veal’s breaded exterior. But, ultimately, it wasn’t a bad dish at all. We found the meat quite juicy and tasty -- although we all thought it could have used a bit more tomato sauce.

The pizza cutting shtick, and the item’s $83+ (approx.) cost, (after factoring in tax and tip), triggered some significant point loss, but the dish still landed a respectable “B.”

If you’re on a budget, or looking for reasonably priced Italian fare, Carbone Miami may not be for you.

Think of it more as a cash cow.


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