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Frank, a struggling writer, is turning 30, and suffering from “writer’s block.”

While some experts believe that kind a lapse can be remedied by reading a good book or taking a stroll, for others the inhibition is not so readily treatable; with the latter believing that identifying the problem’s root cause – such as depression, physical illness, and/or financial pressures, for example – is first required.

Desperate to spark inspiration, Frank checks into a small bed and breakfast and finds that he’s not the only creative experiencing a “dry spell.”   Will he find a cure?

According to Omar Radwan, this film’s writer and director, THE GREATEST FOE is a comedy-drama that’s “dark, twisted, (and) ridiculous – in the best way possible.”

Inspired by Rob Doyle’s book, “Threshold,” this project confronts the anxiety and isolation COVID has forced on all of us. The creative team notes, “We want this film to be light in the darkness for all who feel a sense of unease and loneliness, and hope that our comedic tone offers the audience a catharsis.”

Of course, it would also be cathartic if you contributed to this project’s crowdfunding campaign, where you can earn a film credit (for as little as $5 (US), get a copy of the script, have a commissioned drawing made for you, or secure Executive Producer status.

To learn more, visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/greatest-foe/x/25578370#/

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