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Ever ask yourself, “What's the meaning of it all?”

Well, none other than Leonardo da Vinci ... may have the answer.

In an extremely ambitious endeavor, Jim Capobianco, a 20-year Pixar veteran -- who was honored with a "Best Original Screenplay" Academy Award nomination for “Ratatouille,” and who has worked on many other critically acclaimed (and commercially successful) projects, such as The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Inside Out and Coco -- now wishes to present “THE INVENTOR,” a new, stop-motion animated feature about da Vinci.

In this story, our “insatiable” and “headstrong” Italian polymath, (voiced by Stephen Fry), leaves his homeland to join the French court, “where he can experiment freely, inventing flying contraptions, incredible machines, and studying the human body."   And there, joined "by the audacious Princess Marguerite (voiced by Daisy Ridley), Leonardo will uncover the answer to the ultimate question: ‘What is the meaning of it all?'"

While their crowdfunding budget has already been exceeded, my friends are looking to surpass some stretch goals all in the hopes of improving the final product. To that end, in exchange for a contribution, you’ll receive some signed artwork, behind-the-scenes access, animation classes, film credits, or you can score an on-screen role as an animated character.

For additional information, please visit THE INVENTOR!

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