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Whether or not you’re a closeted dendrophile, or a tramper, have I got a project for you!

In the midst of the Appalachian Trail's natural beauty and grandeur, Hyten Davidson is about to shoot an award-winning story, called "THE WEST VIRGINIAN STARFISH." (And to that end, she's teaming up with her "LOVE AT FIRST LIKE" collaborators, Tommy MartinĀ & Sheri Beth Dusek.)

It’s a drama that follows a woman who feels mentally and physically trapped after her father’s disappearance. But things take a sudden turn when she encounters a mysterious hiker who may hold the key to her past; information that could forever alter her life's course.

Hyten notes that this film is intended to “address the paralysis of grief and pushing through barriers, promote the love of hiking and nature, and to get the cast and crew back to work!”

For a limited time, the production has a crowdfunding campaign on Seed & Spark, where you can score some nifty perks, like a tree planted in your name, a digital copy of the script and storyboards, a prop used in the movie, to an acknowledgement in the credits and on IMDb.

To learn more, please visit: https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/the-west-virginian-starfish#story

Help this admirable endeavor surpass some barriers of its own, and witness it take seed.