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Imagine a dystopian society with two distinct social classes, the “Elites” and “Riders,” and where the "Riders" may never leave their high-speed vehicles for fear they will perish. Effectively, the latter are condemned to a life of constant movement.

In the animated adventure called "Ballad of a Barefoot Servant," our protagonist finds herself trapped inside of a green “carpod,” with no memory of who she is or where she came from. We watch as she embarks “on a journey of hope and remembrance.”

You can expect a voyage through "a dangerous desert wasteland” fashioned by some thirty students, including seven animators, associated with the University of California, Santa Barbara. Together, they will be creating a 15-minute-long, industry-level production.

Erika Egg, the project’s producer, notes, “With our diverse crew, we hope to provide an audience with meaningful layers of social commentary, while also presenting an entertaining story bound by themes of greed and kindness. As for our artists, we’re dead set on paying each and every young animator the money they deserve, which is why we humbly ask for donations.”

To help contribute to the endeavor, please visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ballad-of-a-barefoot-servant-a-ucsb-animated-film/x/24127123#/

There you will find an array of incentives, including film and music downloads, art prints, signed posters, stickers packs, acknowledgments in the end credits, signed art books, a custom drawing of you, or you can appear as an animated extra in the film. (Hurry! There's only one “extra” slot currently left!)

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