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During this time of crisis, we need to remember our unsung heroes.  Yes, we have countless medical professionals, and many police and firefighters, who are on the front lines.  And we are certainly grateful for the sacrifices they’re making to keep us safe. 

But closer to “home,” many building workers – such as building greeters, porters, supers, concierges and security personnel – report, each day, to perform their assigned duties. 

In recognition of their contributions, and the very real possibility that they have been, or will be, infected by COVID-19, building owners are stepping up “with a vow” to help their people get through this difficult period. 

“The Realty Advisory Board (RAB) on Labor Relations, the group that represents owners, and the service workers union, SEIU 32BJ, have formed a support plan for the city’s 60,000 residential and commercial building service workers that includes full pay for quarantined workers and extended health care,” notes Real Estate Weekly. 

The organizations are doing what they can to protect the industry's members, particularly since Governor Andrew Cuomo has deemed them “essential employees” -- who must continue to report to work. The Board’s plan affords everyone flexible work hours in order to manage personal health and family issues. Other highlights include: 

  • Those who are laid off/ineligible for health coverage, on or after March 6th, will be provided with an additional 30 days (for total of 60 days) of coverage. 

  • If an employee is directed to self-quarantine because of workplace COVID-19 exposure, the individual will be compensated with 2 weeks of paid time off, without reduction of existing entitlements. 

  • If an employee self-quarantines, for any other reason, the employer may permit that individual to use his/her PTO or statutory paid leave, if available. 

  • For statutory paid leave, the mandatory paid leave provision applicable to the largest covered employer will apply to all, regardless of one’s direct employer’s size. 

  • In the event that a building needs to reduce staffing, the employer will attempt to offer displaced individuals temporary assignments, at other locations, without regard to seniority, and that includes possible redeployment of staff from commercial to residential buildings. 

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To read more about these protections, click here: https://rew-online.com/service-workers/