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Many American are not receiving adequate eviction protections under the latest White House proposals – which flies in the face of what President Trump previously announced. 

Under the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) plan, foreclosures and evictions would stop for 60 days on single-family homes with loans through the Federal Housing Administration. This applies to roughly 8 million residences, according to HUD.  

"That’s the problem with (HUD's proposal). It only impacts a very small amount of people. We need big-scale solutions," said Andrea Shapiro of the Metropolitan Council on Housing, a New York-based housing advocacy organization. 

HUD also has no power to “protect renters in public housing authorities” throughout the country. According to Hud Secretary Ben Carson (on Twitter), the agency is working with Congress to get the authority to protect such tenants. 

“HUD has been in contact with every Public Housing Agency in the country to ensure the millions of low-income Americans we serve continue to have a roof over their head,” Carson said. 

Cities and states throughout the country, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York State, have announced their own eviction and foreclosure moratoriums.  

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