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Many consider cornmeal a pantry staple, mainly because you’ll find this coarse flour (made from dried corn) in a lot of baked goods.

And even though it’s packed with protein, dietary fiber, Vitamins A, B-6, Iron, and Manganese, it’s disfavored by some — largely due to its high-carb content.

Its contentious reputation notwithstanding, we decided to end our brunch with the “Cornmeal Flapjacks, pecans, berries, sorghum syrup” ($10)

Given the strong “Fried Green Tomatoes,” (reviewed Friday), the even stronger “Fried Chicken + Buckwheat Waffles,” (reviewed yesterday), this may not have been the best way to end our brunch, particularly since this ended up being our least favorite dish.

Made from the juice of the sorghum plant, some describe this particular condiment as “sourer” than molasses. But I’m told that a tablespoon of this stuff will contain about 200 mg of potassium, some 300 mg of protein, 30 mg of calcium, 20 mg of magnesium, 11 mg of phosphorus, and is high in antioxidants.

Putting those purported health benefits aside, we thought the powdered sugar and the syrup detracted from the dish and overwhelmed the pancakes (with their sweetness). Because we couldn’t taste the corn, point deductions were taken, but this reasonably priced offering still came in at a not-too-shabby “B.”

If you’re ever in the area, consider giving this place a try. Our meal, for the most part, was quite enjoyable.

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