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Crain’s New York is reporting that two new projects in the Bronx are being developed by “Community Access” – a non-profit group which focuses which on “supportive housing and social services for city residents with mental concerns.”  

The two housing developments will be located on Bruckner Boulevard and River Avenue. The Bruckner location, which cost $91 million, is a 215-unit building which will begin leasing apartments soon. The River Ave location is under construction and is expected to cost $126 million and will offer 245 units.  

“Both sites are to provide supportive housing and services for individuals with mental health concerns,” notes Crain’s. “They'll also house individuals and families with a history of homelessness, as well as other low-income families.” 

This is a massive endeavor for Community Access. As its website notes, the group currently owns $140 million in real estate in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. And that number is expected to rise to $300 million by the end of next year.  (Each development “provides affordable housing to people coming off the streets and out of the shelter system and hospitals.”) 

Cal Hedigan, CEO of Community Access, noted that there’s a disturbing increase in the number of families living in shelters.  "As we see the affordability of living in New York shrinking month by month, and the number of individuals and families living in the shelter system increasing, every affordable unit that gets built and brought to market is a real victory in trying to win that battle," he said. 

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To read the full report in Crain’s New York, click here: https://www.crainsnewyork.com/real-estate/nonprofit-spearheading-new-developments-bronx