1250 Broadway, 27th Floor New York, NY 10001


Luckily, after our disastrous appetizers (“Jade Hearts” and “Vegetarian Spring Rolls” — reviewed Thursday and Friday) our subsequent $39 three-course brunch dishes were surprising decent. (See, for example, our “Kung Po Prawns,” reviewed the other day.)

After all, we were at Hutong (600 Brickell Avenue, Miami), part of the Aqua Restaurant Group which has restaurants in Hong Kong, London and New York — just to name a few locations. And, according to the company’s website, this South Florida offshoot provides diners with “contemporary and occasionally fiery Northern Chinese.”

Luckily, there was nothing “fiery” about our next dish, the “Pan-Seared Beef Tenderloin” — made with “exotic green tiger chili.”

Now, one would hope to receive tender, juicy, pieces of steak. These, however, were not only a bit chewy and tough, but we found them a bit greasy. But because they were flavorful and offered a spicy kick (which didn’t offend), this dish still managed to score a relatively decent “B-.”

[I thought it deserved lower, like a “C,” or “C-,” but was outvoted.]

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