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Since our first two dishes (“Jade Hearts” and “Vegetarian Spring Rolls” — reviewed Thursday and Friday) were total duds, we weren’t holding out much hope for our second round of items that were part of Hutong’s three-course brunch ($39).

In case you just joined us, Hutong is one of the newest eateries opened by the Aqua Restaurant Group which has restaurants around the globe. You’ll find their Miami outpost at 600 Brickell Avenue — adjacent to Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar.

Next to arrive at our table, was “Kung Po Prawns” — which were described as “Giant prawns tossed with sweet garlic and dry chili sauce.”

This classic Chinese take-out staple, is typically made with shrimp, bell peppers, celery, water chestnuts, chilis, and crunchy peanuts. (Cashews were featured in this particular dish, however.)

Usually wok seared, and mixed with a marinade, this earthy plate of “sweet heat” was packed with flavor. It offered a balanced spicy taste, with subtle hints of garlic.

Because everyone liked this dish, it rated a relatively impressive “B.”

(Points were lost because some found the dish greasy, while others had issue with the portion size.)

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