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The discriminatory treatment of housing applicants by real-estate brokers has become a problem in New York State and Governor Andrew Cuomo is determined to eradicate that behavior.

New regulations were announced in December that would combat “disparate treatment of minorities by real estate sales and rental personnel,” Crain’s New York reports.

In November, Newsday published the results of its three-year investigation that focused on people who were experiencing housing discrimination. And it uncovered evidence that white people were being given preferential treatment over minorities. Agents “frequently directed white customers towards areas with the highest white representations and minority buyers to more integrated neighborhoods,” the report reads.

A month after that investigation was released, Cuomo announced his new proposals. “Housing discrimination is completely unacceptable and it’s also against the law,” Cuomo said in his press release. "These new regulations and protocols will help ensure anyone looking to rent or buy a home knows their rights so they don't fall prey to unscrupulous real estate brokers and landlords."

Under these new rules, brokers must provide a disclosure on fair housing and the New York State Human Rights Law to prospective buyers, renters, sellers and landlords. Also, a copy of the fair housing laws must be on display in broker’s offices and websites.

"These new regulations not only make it clear that discrimination will not be tolerated, they will also help New Yorkers better understand their rights when looking for a place to call home," said Rossana Rosado, New York’s Secretary of State.

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If you have been a victim of housing discrimination, please feel free to call a member of our Civil Rights Group at 212-619-5400.