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In an effort to boost affordable housing numbers, Mayor de Blasio wants to make it easier for homeowners to legalize apartments in basements, garages, and even backyards.  

“Legalizing basement apartments will give homeowners a new way to make ends meet and give thousands of New Yorkers an affordable place to live,” the Mayor said in a statement. And the City is expecting to budget $150 million in order to make that happen – creating 10,000 safe and affordable units in the process. 

Windows, a sprinkler system, and at least two ways to exit during an emergency, will be required for many homes to be deemed habitable by the Department of Buildings.  Landlords must also “abide by affordable housing rules that cap rents at 30% of a tenant's income,” according to The City. 

“We’ve clearly tapped into this wellspring of interest throughout the community,” said Ryan Chavez, who runs the conversion program for the Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation. “There are just countless stories at this point of homeowners who have told us what the potential of this program holds for them in terms of potentially providing them a financial lifeline.” 

But other landlords are rejecting the opportunity, because of the cost. As Chavez noted, homeowners are concerned about “incurring debt.” 

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To read the full story in The City, click here: https://thecity.nyc/2020/02/mayor-aims-for-apartments-in-basements-garages-and-yards.html?utm_content=bufferb5823&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=buffer