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“It’s a Wonderful Life,” a 1946 Christmas-movie classic -- directed by Frank Capra and starring the incomparable James Stewart -- is about a guy who wishes he had never been born.

In “It’s a Wondoughful Life,” a new animated short -- written and directed by Jana Forkel, a 22-year-old screenwriter and grad student -- a clump of pizza dough comes to life, and tries to escape its fate ... of getting cooked, that is.

While I'm not permitted to share any additional details, suffice it to say, Jana’s short is a celebration of life.

Alas, in this environment, raising money for animation isn't something to celebrate. But Jana's extremely reasonable goal, of about $3,000 (US), has already been surpassed!

In order for the project to be the best it can be, additional funding is still required. And, to that end, Jana is offering an array of perks -- from signed posters, script copies, early access to the finished film, to listing your name in the credits.

To learn more, please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/janaforkel/its-a-wondoughful-life-an-animated-short-film/

Knead I say more?

Fork over some dough ... and let's roll!