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Over the years, I’ve made a concerted effort to avoid dining experiences that would have required me to devour ... “Bambi.”

My unblemished record ended while dining at “Ise Sueyoshi,” an intimate restaurant located on the 3rd floor of a nondescript Tokyo commercial building (located at: 4-2-15 Nishiazabu, Minato).

If you’re into French haute cuisine, you’ll enjoy Chef Yuuki Tanaka’s “kaiseki” — a multi-course meal filled with “pomp and circumstance” and some meticulous food prep; all for a fixed price of about $150 (US) per person (sake pairing $33 pp additional).

Over some two hours, you can expect a “seasonal” appetizer, side dish, sashimi, soup, grilled dish, “refresh” dish, rice, dessert; all beautifully presented.

Imagine my initial displeasure when I found out his “grilled course” was “Venison,” served with “Daikoku shimeji mushrooms, egg yolk soy sauce.”

Mushrooms ... eggs? No problem. But “Bambi?”

On a dare, I reluctantly gave it a try, and found it chewier and drier than beef. (Not my personal preference.)

But on the whole, our group appreciated the richness of the thinly-sliced strip we each received, and we thought the mushrooms and egg yolk perfectly enhanced the overall “earthiness” of the dish.

While it only rated a “B,” I suspect the “B”ambi-lovers in our midst may have deliberately withheld a few points, as an homage to our deer friend ....

(Sorry, but I’m unable to officially confirm or deny that report.) 😉

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