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“Ise Sueyoshi” — 4-2-15 Nishiazabu, Minato (Tokyo) — owned and operated by “culinary prodigy” Chef Yuuki Tanaka, is an extremely small restaurant that affords patrons an unparalleled “Kaiseki” experience.

This traditional multi-course meal (which is often compared to French haute cuisine) offers meticulously prepared and “theatrically presented” food items at a not-so-cheap, yet worthwhile, cost of 16,000 yen (about $150 US) per person.

After a stellar Saki-zuke (rated Monday), and an OK appetizer (reviewed yesterday), it was time for some “Mukou-zuke” — thinly sliced raw fish.

To our left (light pink color) was some “Hirame,” or flounder, and to the right (deep pink) was some “Kampachi,” or yellowtail.

We enjoyed the soft, chewy freshness of this sashimi, and particularly appreciated the clean, subtly sweet flavors. Because it tasted like we were eating fish that had been caught just hours earlier, and given this was unlike any sushi experience we’ve had before, we rated this outstanding offering an A.

[That we were slowly getting “sloshed” with all the sake we were downing, didn’t hurt the grade any. It’s an absolute must that you go for the pairing — for an additional 3564 yen ($33 approx) per person, if you can — as the fruity, flowery notes of the alcohol greatly enhanced the food’s flavor profiles.]


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