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If you’re looking for the “world’s tallest tower,” at 634 meters (or 2,080 feet), you’ll supposedly find it at “Tokyo Skytree,” in Sumida City.

Used for radio/television broadcast and communications, this structure‘s observation decks offer some amazing panoramas of Tokyo and its surrounding areas.

Of course, we went primarily for the views (not the food), but decided to stop into the “Skytree Cafe,” so that we could sit at a table and take-in the stunning vistas. (Check out the video!)

For the heck of it, we ordered a bagel which came with a disgusting guacamole-like spread together with a horrid little mound of cream cheese, which both had seen better days, and tasted a lot like Crayola crayons. It was akin to eating wax. (Don’t ask how I know.)

Luckily, Snoopy — “Skytree’s First Beatle” — stopped by for a chat, to distract us from these putrid spreads, and the accompanying “rock” that was disguised as a bagel. Given it’s pricey 1,112 yen (approx $10.50) cost, we felt ripped off and scored it an “F.”

So bad was it, that even Snoopy refused to touch it, and he insisted that we order some wine to cleanse our palates and remove the foul taste of this detritus from our mouths.

(But, should you run into this famed beagle, please refrain from ordering him any alcohol, as he happens to have an extremely low tolerance level.)

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