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A half a century ago, there were jobs that were supposedly “best suited” for women and they dominated such fields as administrative support, health and personal care, education and social work.

But a recent Wall Street Journal report suggests that women have achieved considerable advancements over the decades, particularly in those professions associated with business, finance, law, and the media.  


Interestingly, men continue to dominate occupations which tend to be more “physically demanding” -- such as firefighting, welding, and law enforcement. 

Even though women have made considerable strides in “white-collar jobs,” such as in law and finance, the report claims you'll find more men in senior roles.  “That division of labor, many labor economists say, can perpetuate a gender pay gap, since higher paying positions tend to be held by men,” the Journal explains. 

“It’s harder and harder for employers to justify a gender gap when compensating employees,” noted Debra Cohen, co-Chair of Newman Ferrara’s Civil Right Group, “particularly in professions where the brain is the most important ‘muscle’ required.” 

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