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While we’re on the topic of animal cruelty, if you have an affinity for marine mammals, or are particularly squeamish (or sensitive), please stop reading this post right now.

For those of you continuing on, our tour guide, took us to Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market where you’ll find all kinds of aquatic life for sale — including whale.

That’s right, you can readily buy your whale meat fried, grilled, prepped with bacon, or even topped on some ice cream, for some 200-400 yen, or about $2-4 (US).

According to media reports, even though consumption is on the decline, the Japanese population still eats about 40 grams of whale meat per person — the equivalent to a cold cut slice — per year.

While the shopkeeper was quite affable, and proudly displayed her wares, we declined to partake ... and continued on our (not-so-merry) way.

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