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Zhujiajiao Ancient Water Town — the “Venice of Shanghai” — has a bunch of quaint food establishments lining its waterways.

知青 — Zhi Qing Restaurant — sits right across from the Water Town’s boat ticket-booth and offers some great views of the canal traffic.

Our next and final dish — “Quied-Fried diced chiken” [sic] or “Kung Pao Chicken” (38 RMB or $5.34 US) — is a classic Sichuan dish that is usually made with “chicken,” peanuts, vegetables, and chili peppers.

If you like your white meat stir-fried, with a nutty crunch and array of sweet, spicy, and salty notes, then this dish is for you.

The sauce offered a balanced “smokiness” and a muted “heat” (from the incorporated chilies). Because we appreciated the taste, the price ($5.34), and, the generous portion size, we rated this plate a pretty respectable “B.”

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