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Calling yourself “X,” when you’re really “Y,” doesn’t change who or what you are. It only masks your true identity ... and makes it harder for people to figure things out.

And that’s what was going on at “Elisabetta’s Ristorante,” a new Italian place that opened up over at Delray Beach. After some investigative work, we belatedly discovered that this was really a “Louie Bossi” in disguise. And my friends and I didn’t appreciate the “deception,” not one bit.

Because we had no qualms with our server (in that he was quite honest and extremely professional), when he suggested that we go with the “RIGATONI” — prepared “alla bolognese, braised beef and veal in barolo wine” — ($18), we’d thought we’d give it a try.

Said to have originated in Bologna, Italy, this is not your typical tomato-based meat sauce. You’ll often find bolognese thicker, and creamier (often due to added milk or cream). It’s supposed to be rich and hearty — the ultimate in comfort food.

Unfortunately, we found no comfort here. (And ironically, just because they called it a “bolognese,” didn’t make it so.) Our pasta was overcooked, and the sauce (which needed more meat and less tomato), had a tinny-sweet taste that only a “Tin Man” with hyperglycemia would love. ▫️
Because it lacked the required depth, this dish scored a near-failing “C-.”

Could this be yet another reason why the company is choosing to hide the names of those involved in this enterprise?

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