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The tenants of 63 & 67 Wall Street filed a class-action lawsuit on Sunday, claiming that their landlord – Rockpoint Group – violated a NYC tax program which required that their residential units be treated as rent regulated.  

The residents, represented by Lucas A. Ferrara and Roger Sachar, of Newman Ferrara LLP, are alleging rent overcharge and are seeking refunds and correctly calculated rent-stabilized leases. 

Ferrara speaking with Rachel Holliday Smith, a reporter with The City, observed that the case is “is yet another example of the shameless sidestepping of our city’s rent laws by some major landlords.”  

This downtown (FiDi) structure – a “luxury” complex, which holds over 1,000 units -- used to be the corporate headquarters of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.  

“These aren’t ‘mom and pops’ that are getting hit with these class-action lawsuits,” Ferrara said to The City. “These are some of the city’s top owners who apparently were of the belief that they had carte blanche to do whatever they wished.” 

Ferrara and Sachar also represent tenants in a number of other class actions throughout the New York City area, including the tenants of 10 Hanover Square in the Financial District. 

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To read the full piece in The City, click here.  

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To review a copy of the underlying summons and complaint, please click here.

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