1250 Broadway, 27th Floor New York, NY 10001


In October, Anastasia Koutsioukis, Ahmet Erkaya, Tamara Magalhães and Roel Alcudia — the same team that brought you the “Mandolin Aegean Bistro,” (over in Miami’s Design District) — opened “Gregory’s Dinner.”

In years past, we’ve enjoyed our dining experiences at Mandolin, and had high hopes for their new place in Miami’s MiMo district — which bills itself as an all-day eatery serving “continental American cuisine with a nod to the classics of the mid-century period.”

Suckers for a good pasta, we decided to go with the “POTATO GNOCCHI” — with cherry tomatoes and basil ($14). But let’s just say, the only “nods” I saw at my table were ones of disapproval.

These dumplings are not only real simple to make — flour, eggs, potatoes, and some salt — but even easier to cook (when they begin to float in boiling water, they’re ready to eat). So imagine our disappointment when we got a soggy pile of over-buttered “glop,” that was accompanied by piping hot cherry tomatoes that seemed like they just came out of a microwave.

Because this pasta lacked a light, pillowy, silky-smooth texture, and, since the accompanying sauce of butter and cheese failed to impress, this dish sadly scored an “F.”

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