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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced an investigation into reports of eviction threats by Five Star Management.  Apparently, tenants were being told that their leases would be terminated because of “formal complaints” about “substandard living conditions,” as the Governor’s webpage reports. 

"This harassment, if true, is unacceptable, undeserved and intolerable. All New Yorkers deserve a safe and decent place to call home and threatening those seeking to fight for that is contrary to who we are as a state," Governor Cuomo noted. 

Five Star Management was already under the Governor’s eye back in October due to reports of bedbug infestations and drug related crimes. 

"In addition to the previously announced investigations, I am directing the Office of Addiction Services and Supports, which provides funding for services at this building, to immediately get to the bottom of this situation and help ensure that these practices are not replicated in other properties," said Cuomo.  

The Governor has also ordered the State Office of Rent Administration (ORA) to investigate whether the new rent-laws are being properly implemented. The ORA will ascertain whether the rent-regulated apartments are being “adequately maintained,” and, if the laws are being violated, penalties will issue. 

"It is great that the Governor is micro-managing this issue,” noted Ricardo M. Vera, a partner at Newman Ferrara LLP.  “But wouldn’t make sense to ensure that ‘all’ regulated tenants are being treated fairly and properly?” 

He continued, “Our public agencies must be much more proactive and vigilant than they currenty are. And rather than pay lip service, our political leaders need to put some 'pedal to the metal' and must enable these agencies to do their jobs -- safeguarding the rights and safety of the millions of regulated tenants throughout our great state.” 

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To read the Governor's full press statement, click here: https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-directs-investigation-reports-eviction-threats-against-tenants-housing-complex 

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