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Last week, Senior Partner Lucas A. Ferrara and attorney Roger A. Sachar of Newman Ferrara LLP were quoted in a story, featured on “The Broadsheet.” 

As we also previously reported, two residents of Manhattan's 10 Hanover Square, Bruce Hackney and Timothy Smith, sued their landlord alleging violations of New York State’s rent laws. The couple believes their landlord violated the 421-g tax benefit program, which gives owners significant tax breaks in exchange for affording their tenants the protections of rent stabilization.  (Rights which are alleged to have been wrongfully denied in this case.) 

Ferrara told reporter Matthew Fenton, “the shameless rapacity you see demonstrated here will only end when owners come to the realization that their illicit practices will come with a steep price. For too long, New York City’s tenants were hoodwinked by major landlords blinded by greed.” 

He continued, “Government may be asleep at the wheel, but justice is most certainly not. This lawsuit sends a clear signal that the days of cheating and profiteering at the expense of rent-regulated tenants are over.” 

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