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Even though the vegetable dumplings at “Firi Bistro Asian Cuisine,” over in Pompano Beach, were a total disaster (see yesterday’s review), we thought we’d stay and try their “Chicken Soup” ($2.95). (After all, it was a rainy afternoon, and no one was in the mood to get soaked.)

Everyone has their own recipe for this classic comfort food, but you’ll typically see a brothy version with pieces of white meat, vegetables, and maybe even some noodles thrown into the mix.

While Firi’s $3 ask was pretty reasonable, I’m sure people would gladly pay more for a soup that had a little more flavor ... and a lot more substance.

Because Firi’s version was way too dull and watery, this bowl ended up with a near-failing “C-.”

[When one guest described the soup as “dull as dishwater,” I gently reminded her that even dishwater had more appeal than this effluent did.]

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